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Vinyl records are what we are about. At we love discovering vintage vinyl records especially ones we have never seen before. Sharing our discoveries with other vinyl enthusiasts is one of the most satisfying parts of collecting vinyl. So we have created a space where you can easily share with the rest of the world the gems in your collection that fuel the passion you have for vinyl.
Do you have cool vinyl records you would like to show off? Tell us why it’s so great, where you found it or something interesting about the artist.
Do you have vintage vinyl records for sale? Is your band releasing new vinyl? is the perfect place to get the word out. Post a vinylmugshot, provide a link to your merch, and tell your fans to check out your vinylmugshot.
  • Eddie got turned on to records years ago at a local college vinyl sale and has been possessed by vinyl fever ever since. Approach with caution! Eddie is known to exhibit aggressive behavior when within close proximity to vinyl.
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  • Would you like to share your experience and knowledge about vinyl records and music with others in the vinyl community?
    Do you have knowledge of HI Fi Equipment, Blues or Folk artists, Black Metal, Vinyl Pressing, or Acetates? Are you a 90’s music fan and want to tell us about your top grunge or alternative bands. If you would like to share your passion for vinyl or anything in the music realm send us your article and we’ll review it for approval.
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