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I was looking through a few records I had picked up the other day. There were a few nice ones I was very happy to get, some good ones that turned out to be scratched to hell and some run of the mill stuff. I picked up another vinyl LP from the stack. It was The Talking Heads. I full the vinyl out to see it was in decent shape and still had the original inner sleeve intact.

Vinyl Hitch Hiker

After pulling out the sleeve I saw a folded-up paper about a 4 x 8 in size very crinkled like it had been read many times. I figured it was a receipt I had seen it many times before someone puts the receipt in the album jacket after purchasing their latest prize. So, I opened it up. It was not a receipt. It was a note from someone that was talking about being hurt and how they had forgiven the recipient of the note. The author of the note says, “I may not have forgot it, but I forgave it. I hope you can forgive me”. I could relate to the need to forgive and to be forgiven.

I just reflected for a moment about my record obsession and the rituals and feelings I go through seeking and processing the vinyl records in my wake. This note made me stop for a minute and think about the human experiences and lives that these plastic objects move about.

Vinyl Hitch Hiker

I would like to know the full story behind The Talking Heads note.

Would you like to connect some humanness to your record obsession submit an image of yourself with one of your objects. Go to and check it out.

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