Taylor Swift Journey Towards Becoming a Sellout

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Reputation - Taylor Swift Journey Towards Becoming a Sellout

With her earnings reaching $64 million, according to Forbes, in 2014 the five-time Grammy award winner, Taylor swiftly climbed the ranks of rich musicians. No heiress of any massive fortune Taylor Swift, since she started producing music in 2006, has earned all her wealth along with her place as queen of pop on billboard charts. However, there is a hot debate about how, in making her way to all this fame and fortune, Taylor Swift lost sight of music and her personality. It’s a popular opinion these days that Taylor Swift has turned into a complete sellout. Although, it’s not our place to label others as sellouts but, quite frankly, everything that Swift has been doing for the past few years and all her choices point towards the possibility that she actually has sold out and her only focus is to maintain a steady revenue.

Taylor Swift

The Better for Business Approach:

Taylor Swift, from writing beautiful acoustic songs, powerful ballads and making fascinating country music, some of the examples of which are her songs ‘Tear Drops on My Guitar’ and ‘Enchanted’, turned completely towards making auto-tuned, dance and dub-step songs like ‘Blank Space’, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ‘Shake It Off’. It’s not like there is something wrong with Taylor Swift’s new songs, it’s not the worst pop music out there to listen to but the fact that she opted for such a drastic change and jumped genres, just to sell more copies of her records, tells something about her.

Business Was Booming When It Was ‘1989’:

Taylors Swift’s last album ‘1989’ was completely devoid of country music and it sold 1.3 million copies in its first week and, despite the fact that it came out on 27th October in 2014, ‘1989’ went on to become the bestselling album that year. Taylor Swift officially cutting ties with her country beginnings and transitioning to the cash cow of pop music with the release of her album ‘1989’. And since then the New York City wannabe American sweetheart, Taylor Swift made some headlines due to her various weird, yet financially rewarding, decisions. She removed all her albums from the popular music streaming application Spotify and after three months of her chart-topping last album release, Taylor Swift became the first artist to preemptively trademark phrases from her lyrics that she deemed as catchphrases. The lines, “party like its 1989”, “this sick beat”, “cause we never go out of style,” “could show you incredible things” and “nice to meet you, where you been?” are now trademarked and her permission will be required for anyone who plans on utilizing any of these lines for pretty much any product. Yet another money-making opportunity as by trademarking these phrases from her song lyrics, she not only stands to gain revenue from anyone using them, but also, she is in a prime position to sell products based on the themes in her lyrics.

How She Is Exploiting Her ‘Reputation’:

Now let’s talk about her latest album ‘Reputation’, due out on 10th November 2017. It all started when Taylor Swift dropped ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ at midnight on August 24 as an introduction to ‘Reputation’. Soon after the single was dropped another video appeared on her YouTube page and announced a new partnership between the singer and Ticketmaster. The video kicked off a campaign to get Taylor’s die-hard fans, Swifties, involved in so called unique activities to provide themselves with a chance to get ahead in the line for presale concert tickets. And well, what are those activities, you ask? Not unique at all! The activities involve watching a video, shopping from store and buying the album. In short, you’re just 13 copies of ‘Reputation’ and an ample amount of merchandise away from getting a decent seat at Taylor’s tour. The spin put on this initiative is to beat the bots at buying the best seats, which is an ongoing frustration for Swifties or fans of any other artist else who routinely sells out shows. Although, there could have been better ways to prevent this but Swift opted for the one financially beneficial to her.

There are several other corporate tie-ins that will financially benefit her in so many different ways associated with her new album. While this wave of corporate tie-ins might be a cynical and greedy move to leach off fans, it’s neither surprising nor the last one. Now, it’s for you to decide whether Taylor Swift sold out or whether she is just too consumed with her famous boyfriend problems that she doesn’t realize what she is doing. And Oh! Swifties’ opinions don’t count.


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