Taylor Swift Journey Towards Becoming a Sellout

EddieVinyl Records

With her earnings reaching $64 million, according to Forbes, in 2014 the five-time Grammy award winner, Taylor swiftly climbed the ranks of rich musicians. No heiress of any massive fortune Taylor Swift, since she started producing music in 2006, has earned all her wealth along with her place as queen of pop on billboard charts. However, there is a hot debate about how, in making her way to all this fame and fortune, Taylor Swift lost sight of music and her personality. It’s a popular opinion these days that Taylor Swift has turned into a complete sellout. Although, it’s not our place to label others as sellouts but, quite frankly, everything that Swift has been doing for the past few years and all her choices point towards the possibility that she actually has sold out and her only focus is to maintain a steady revenue.