Black Sabbath Vs. Iron Maiden Greatest Metal Band

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Metal is the most diverse genre when it comes to music, although it is not designed to be liked by a mass audience but still it has the most listeners across the world and metal bands have the most loyal fans. Metal defines itself by exclusion which can makes it relate to any good subculture and this is exactly why metal is not just looked at as a mere genre but is worshiped and taken up by fans as a culture. Metal is the complete opposite of all genres, instead of short and predictably structured songs, metal songs are long, complex, and unpredictable making them more relate-able to how life is. The fact that metal defies most of the conventional aspects that make music pleasant yet it is the most admired genre testifies to its supremacy itself.

Fungus Hill – Creatures Feedbands October 2017 Release

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These are the lyrics from  one song; Are You Dead

Watch me as I die, I’m already Broken. I keep asking why my emotions are fading slowly. Evil in mind, I can feel it has changed me. Whisper words of lies, thoughts are speaking evil to me. If we’re getting back together, then I need you, I need you to get better.If your dead inside, there is no life for you and I. Are you getting past your sorrow? Are you dead? Are we one? Nothings easy. Where do we belong? Are you dead? Or are we one? Are you dead? Are you dead?

10 Highest Auction Vinyl Record Prices Paid

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The rarest – and most sought after – of all Bob Dylan albums. That’s right – this is the 1A matrix pressing which plays the four tracks that were withdrawn. It is NOT the Canadian pressing or timing strip issue which list the deleted tracks but play the standard cuts. The labels and cover here show the replacement tracks – … Read More