Name Lewis Stanfeild
Album October Rust
Artist Type O-Negative
This was the first album that I bought with my own money, and it still holds its spot in my top 5 albums of all time, 21 years later.
People either love or hate this band, I happen to love them. There isn't one song on this album that I don't enjoy, although I could do without the cheesiness of "my girlfriend's girlfriend". A lot of people complain that this album's production is "too slick" but whether I'm blasting this on my stereo, or on a good set of headphones, I still hear things 21 years on that I haven't picked up on before. If you're a fan of hard rock or gothic music, I highly recommend giving this album a spin!
Name Ed Zinz
Album Soul Discharge
Artist The Boordoms
I don’t remember where I got this album but it’s one of my most favorite. It’s on the Shimmy Disc label which also released GWAR, Ween and Bongwater. It’s described as noise rock, experimental rock and punk rock. I refer to it as Japanese Noise Punk. It’s fucking crazy and all over the place but has just enough structure to make it awesome. The type of music that my girlfriend would say, “what the hell are you listening to” about. If you’re open to experimental types of music give it a listen. Or play it when you have company just for shock factor.     Vintage Vinyl     Vinyl Records     Rare Records     Vintage Vinyl     Online Record Store     Vinyl Record     Record Blog     Record Collecting     33rpm records     Album Covers     depeche mode vinyl     Weezer vinyl     Pink Floyd vinyl the wall     Madonna Vinyl     Miles Davis Vinyl     Vinyl Records Beatles     Vinyl records Led Zeppelin     Fleetwood Mac Rumors Vinyl     Vinyl Cleaning Kit     Supertramp Vinyl     Records Vinyl Albums     Johnny Cash Records     Frank Sinatra Vinyl     Record Cleaner Kit     Nirvana Vinyl     Deep Purple Vinyl     Led Zeppelin Vinyls     Vinyl Beatles Record     Johnny Cash Vinyl     Grateful Dead Vinyl     Bowie Vinyl     LP Records Storage     Oasis Vinyls     Vinyl Record Frame     Oasis Vinyl     Black Sabbath Vinyl     Records     Jimi Hendrix Vinyl     King Crimson Vinyl     Beatles White Album     Vinyl Record Frames     Star Wars Vinyl     Michael Jackson Vinyl     LP E6N     Rolling Stones Vinyl     David Bowie Vinyl     USB Record Players     Framed Vinyl Records     Black Sabbath Vinyl     Chet Baker Vinyl