Name Olive Zinz
Album T.S. 1989
Artist Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift - 1989

It's a Mover
This Taylor Swift album is my best music ever. I love to sing and dance to Shake it - Shake it off!

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Name Ashley Motea
Album Vile
Artist Cannibal Corpse
Cannibal Corpse - Vile
This is on my top 10 list of all time feel good records in my collect.
Try to take it from me!
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Name Mad MIke
Album The Chronic
Artist Dr. Dre
The Chronic was part of my early exposure to Hip Hop. It was the first album to introduce me to Snoop Dogg and Deathrow Records. Nothing but fond memories of listening to that record. I love the Dr. Dre G-Funk slow groove sound with all the Parliament and Funkalelic samples.
Who knows if you stop in at Mad Mikes Tattoo and Piercing you could possibly hear some of those mellow grooves.

Name Jerod Zinz
Album Endless Summer
Artist Beach Boys
The beach boys, endless summer. I've always vibed with the beach boys, and I wondered, man where do they get all this positive mojo from? Then i came to the west coast and it all started to make sense. Like that one edge piece that you kept looking at upside down was finally flipped right side up. Anyway the moral of this post is that this album is great and I would recommend it to anyone trying to lift their spirits.
Name John Longstreth
Album Deja Entendu
Artist Brand New
Brand New "Deja Entendu" I really enjoy the cover art of this album. I remember listening to it as a teenager. It holds up.
Name Mandy Kristensen
Album Blurryface
Artist Twenty One Pilots
This is one of my go to bands for fun, alternative music. The tour for this album was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, as well.
Name Nick Pope
Album Moving Pictures
Artist Rush
I was seven years old when I first heard Tom Sawyer, the opening track on Moving Pictures, and I remember inquiring to my mother who was sitting at the kitchen table doing crosswords, " is that a girl singing?". Her reply was, " no, that's a boy". So I listened to the whole song and started getting new feelings I never got before from listening to music. Obviously I've heard music before this point; However, Rush made music fun, it made me feel good. Every year since I became a bigger Rush fan, and although I'm particular to their earlier 10+ minute long epics, the short, streamlined, songs on Moving Pictures are gold, every one of them. To me it's one of them rare albums where every track is a knock out punch. The lyrics, the melodies, the rhythm, the level of musicianship, have really created the perfect storm.
Name Tom Swanberg
Album Self Titled
Artist The Eagles
It all started way back in my younger years, I was going to school in the middle of cornfields out in the Midwest. The small town I was living in had an amazing music scene, it was awesome, there were shows every night of the week ranging from new bands, old bands, cover bands, local bands and that one guy that can play the mouth harp awkwardly well. One day it all just stopped, the local venue booking company had just decided to close its doors. It devastated all of the venues there and most of them were forced to shut down. One of the venues I had visited most often usually for the weekend shows was one that was forced to close. A few weeks had gone by and the place was sitting vacant, then one day out of the blue a record shop showed up. That town had an interesting way of keeping the music culture around despite the recent happenings. I was strolling by and decided to stop in, the owner was still unpacking the remaining crates of records, and I had stumbled across the Eagles album. Believe it or not I was actually listening to the Eagles earlier in the day on Pandora, so I figured I would pick that one up to add to my collection.

Later that day crop circles started appearing in the nearby cornfields and the town went crazy. While everyone began to stock up on canned goods, pitchforks, and tinfoil hats I was at home relaxing on my couch rocking out to my favorite Eagles tunes.     Vintage Vinyl     Vinyl Records     Rare Records     Vintage Vinyl     Online Record Store     Vinyl Record     Record Blog     Record Collecting     33rpm records     Album Covers     depeche mode vinyl     Weezer vinyl     Pink Floyd vinyl the wall     Madonna Vinyl     Miles Davis Vinyl     Vinyl Records Beatles     Vinyl records Led Zeppelin     Fleetwood Mac Rumors Vinyl     Vinyl Cleaning Kit     Supertramp Vinyl     Records Vinyl Albums     Johnny Cash Records     Frank Sinatra Vinyl     Record Cleaner Kit     Nirvana Vinyl     Deep Purple Vinyl     Led Zeppelin Vinyls     Vinyl Beatles Record     Johnny Cash Vinyl     Grateful Dead Vinyl     Bowie Vinyl     LP Records Storage     Oasis Vinyls     Vinyl Record Frame     Oasis Vinyl     Black Sabbath Vinyl     Records     Jimi Hendrix Vinyl     King Crimson Vinyl     Beatles White Album     Vinyl Record Frames     Star Wars Vinyl     Michael Jackson Vinyl     LP E6N     Rolling Stones Vinyl     David Bowie Vinyl     USB Record Players     Framed Vinyl Records     Black Sabbath Vinyl     Chet Baker Vinyl