Name Heidi Kelley
Album Purple Rain
Artist Prince
This record is one of my favorites! Not only did I grow up with it (my dad is a huge prince fan) but to this day, there is not a single song on this album that isn’t timeless! There is a song for every mood and u can listen to this album from front to back without having to skip any songs! They are just all great! That's what makes a great album! Love it!
Name Mad Mike
Album The Downward Spiral
Artist Nine Inch Nails
Trent is the man! This music makes me feel powerful when life gets me down. What makes you feel powerful?
Name Lewis Stanfield
Album Carnivore
Artist Carnivore
The first Carnivore LP. Awesome thrash made by "Thermo-nuclear cannibals" lead by Lord Petrus Steele aka Peter Steele, future frontman of the legendary Type O Negative. Not vegan-friendly, but highly enjoyable nonetheless!
Name Amanda
Album Dancing in the Moonlight
Artist King Harvest
I’ve wanted this one for a long time, it’s been very hard to find. The song “Dancing in the Moonlight” holds a special place in my soul, it’s a magical song and it’s just one of those you grow up knowing. And I hope to play it as my wedding song someday.
Name Wilma Lee Snavely Crockett
Album The Ultimate Sin
Artist Ozzy Osborne
Wilma agreed to let me post this mugshot. She belongs to The Vinylmugshot Vinyl Record Blog group on Facebook and posts some awesome Vinylmugshots. Please check all her great photos on the FB Group.
Name Issac
Album Scream Bloody Gore!
Artist Death
Limited to 200 and absolutely beautiful!
Name John Timothy Sailsbury
Album Waiting For Columbus
Artist Little Feat
My current vinyl mug shot. Little Feat "Waiting For Columbus " one of my favorite live albums. I have been collecting since 1968. Currently my collection is around 10,000 LP's. The older I get the more I lean toward collecting vintage blues and jazz.
Name Tony Harrison
Album Creepers
Artist Goblin
This is the original soundtrack to the Dario Argento film Creepers, starring Labyrinth star Jennifer Connelly. The soundtrack has various artists such as Motörhead, iron maiden, Bill Wyman and of course Goblin. The record was released by heavy metal worldwide.     Vintage Vinyl     Vinyl Records     Rare Records     Vintage Vinyl     Online Record Store     Vinyl Record     Record Blog     Record Collecting     33rpm records     Album Covers     depeche mode vinyl     Weezer vinyl     Pink Floyd vinyl the wall     Madonna Vinyl     Miles Davis Vinyl     Vinyl Records Beatles     Vinyl records Led Zeppelin     Fleetwood Mac Rumors Vinyl     Vinyl Cleaning Kit     Supertramp Vinyl     Records Vinyl Albums     Johnny Cash Records     Frank Sinatra Vinyl     Record Cleaner Kit     Nirvana Vinyl     Deep Purple Vinyl     Led Zeppelin Vinyls     Vinyl Beatles Record     Johnny Cash Vinyl     Grateful Dead Vinyl     Bowie Vinyl     LP Records Storage     Oasis Vinyls     Vinyl Record Frame     Oasis Vinyl     Black Sabbath Vinyl     Records     Jimi Hendrix Vinyl     King Crimson Vinyl     Beatles White Album     Vinyl Record Frames     Star Wars Vinyl     Michael Jackson Vinyl     LP E6N     Rolling Stones Vinyl     David Bowie Vinyl     USB Record Players     Framed Vinyl Records     Black Sabbath Vinyl     Chet Baker Vinyl