Name Álvaro Martín Gómez Acevedo
Album Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? (12" single)
Artist Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart's "Da Ya Think i'm Sexy?" is one of those songs that made my heart pump harder every time I heard it played through the radio. I bought this splatter vinyl 12" single as soon as it was released in 1978. My country (Colombia) was sort of a South American superpower in the field of colored vinyl records, and this one looks truly great!

Name PZ
Album Energy
Artist Tommy Bolin
This is a recent Record Store Day release that shows Tommy at his best.

Name Michael W Reed
Album Judgement Night OST
Artist Various
This is often given credit for the boom in popularity of the Rap/Rock Genre by getting some of the best artists of the time to collaborate on a collection of decent tunes. While I have never been a huge fan of pop rap/rock music, this album contains some songs that I still to this day really enjoy! Received it today in the mail and am excited to get it spinning immediately (had to pause long enough to get a mugshot!)

Name Anthony Naples
Album Self Titled
Artist The Blues Brothers
Live from New York! It’s Saturday Night Live!
The Blues Brothers album titled Briefcase Full of Blues. 1978.

THIS is the phrase that led me to a vision I will never forget. The Blues Brothers.

Wow what a pair of entertainers. I had never seen or HEARD anything like these two crazy men jumping around! Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. These two became television stars and the album was a giant gift to my ears. I could now HEAR these guys over and over!

I remember it like it was yesterday. Sitting in my beanbag chair with my eyes squinting to see and hear this musical duo. Tiny little television. Cold winter night.

This album was essentially my introduction to Blues music. I never heard blues music and these guys took it to another level. However, this wasn’t just any ole blues. THIS was Chicago Blues.

The big hit on the album is a song titled Soul Man. I really enjoy listening to the single Hey Bartender. It really gives me the feeling I am with the guys in the bar while they are singing it. Rubber Biscuit is another favorite and one I recommend. It’s a shame we lost such a great talent in John Belushi at such a young age.

I will always have a special place in my heart for The Blues Brothers and Briefcase Full of Blues.



Name Joe McMillen
Album Reba McEntire
Artist Reba McEntire
Growing up there was always country music playing. Reba McEntire quickly became a favorite artist of mine. As I got older and started collecting classic country vinyl I started to find quite a few Reba albums. I started buying them but had trouble finding her self titled album. I eventually found it and it’s one of my favorites from my collection.
Name Bobby
Album Pulp Fiction S/T
Artist Tarantino
Found this at the record fair today in Bridgeville. Classic soundtrack!

Name Mike
Album Out West
Artist The Grateful Dead
Yet another Dead "live side" that I don't own...add it to the stack!!!

Name John Hartnett
Album III
Artist Netsky
This is a test pressing of Netsky’s debut Sony album “III”! It is really significant to me because it represents the first Drum and Bass artist to be signed to a major record label! He began on Hospital Records in 2009, his eponymous release on Hospital was the sound track of my life for months on end! I’ve been blessed to see Netsky LIVE!, which is a live stage production of his music with Boris Netsky shredding the keyboard, and an amazing drummer shredding at 170 bpm! Amazing artist! Amazing album! Very blessed to have scooped up a test pressing of this as the initial run was SOLD OUT!     Vintage Vinyl     Vinyl Records     Rare Records     Vintage Vinyl     Online Record Store     Vinyl Record     Record Blog     Record Collecting     33rpm records     Album Covers     depeche mode vinyl     Weezer vinyl     Pink Floyd vinyl the wall     Madonna Vinyl     Miles Davis Vinyl     Vinyl Records Beatles     Vinyl records Led Zeppelin     Fleetwood Mac Rumors Vinyl     Vinyl Cleaning Kit     Supertramp Vinyl     Records Vinyl Albums     Johnny Cash Records     Frank Sinatra Vinyl     Record Cleaner Kit     Nirvana Vinyl     Deep Purple Vinyl     Led Zeppelin Vinyls     Vinyl Beatles Record     Johnny Cash Vinyl     Grateful Dead Vinyl     Bowie Vinyl     LP Records Storage     Oasis Vinyls     Vinyl Record Frame     Oasis Vinyl     Black Sabbath Vinyl     Records     Jimi Hendrix Vinyl     King Crimson Vinyl     Beatles White Album     Vinyl Record Frames     Star Wars Vinyl     Michael Jackson Vinyl     LP E6N     Rolling Stones Vinyl     David Bowie Vinyl     USB Record Players     Framed Vinyl Records     Black Sabbath Vinyl     Chet Baker Vinyl