Rush - Moving Pictures

Name Nick Pope
Album / Song Moving Pictures
Artist Rush

The reason I love it

I was seven years old when I first heard Tom Sawyer, the opening track on Moving Pictures, and I remember inquiring to my mother who was sitting at the kitchen table doing crosswords, " is that a girl singing?". Her reply was, " no, that's a boy". So I listened to the whole song and started getting new feelings I never got before from listening to music. Obviously I've heard music before this point; However, Rush made music fun, it made me feel good. Every year since I became a bigger Rush fan, and although I'm particular to their earlier 10+ minute long epics, the short, streamlined, songs on Moving Pictures are gold, every one of them. To me it's one of them rare albums where every track is a knock out punch. The lyrics, the melodies, the rhythm, the level of musicianship, have really created the perfect storm.

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