The Five Americans - Western Union Sound Of Love

Name Jesse Aldaz
Album / Song Western Union Sound Of Love
Artist The Five Americans

The reason I love it

It was Jesse’s first record ever. No one forgets their first album, and like any teenager who loves their music, played it over and over and over again. So much so, that his dad (my grandpa) got furious about it and yelled that if he played the record one more time he would break it. My dad played it, because how could he not ever listen to his favorite again? My grandpa was true to his word and destroyed it.
My dad wasn’t allowed to purchase a new vinyl record one after that. He couldn’t find another one after he was older and allowed to buy records once again. He was beyond words when I gifted it to him yesterday.

Christine (Jesse’s Daughter) purchased this record for her father and told me about the story behind it. After hearing about her gift to her father and his back story about it I had to post it. I was moved.

Thanks Christine!

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