Frequently Asked Questions

Simply supply the full URL and we will add it to your vinylmugshot after it’s approved. We like to help promote anything music related such as record shows, concerts, local gigs you may have or promoting up and coming band and their merch.
Free vinylmugshot gear is given away each month to at least one person who posts a vinylmugshot with their album or record. Vinyl enthusiasts that submit articles that are approved and posted every month are also eligible to will a t-shirt or other gear. If your the type of person who just has to have one now vinylmugshot gear can be purchased at our Etsy store.
When you fill out the form to show off your awesome vinyl mugshot you have to pick a shirt size so we will know what size you need if you are the lucky monthly winner.
You can submit as many vinyl records for a vinylmugshot as you like but only one will be eligible for the monthly gear giveaway.
Your post or blog article after approval will be posted within one to two days.
The blog post article submission page does not have a minimum but a maximum of 8000 characters or approximately 1300 words. If your submission is too small or we feel it’s not complete enough to be a blog article post we will contact you and let you know.
There is no minimum character limit for mugshots but there is a limit of 5000 characters or approximately 800 words. At least provide a few lines about why you love your vintage vinyl or new release.
The content does not have to be limited to vinyl records. Anything in the music realm such as history of music or bands even your experiences throughout your musical journey are nice. Happenings you have had digging crates, discovering new music and the people you have met along the way.
Images need to be larger than 500 x 500 pixels. Any modern smart phone will normally work. Hold the record just under your chin. Smiles are nice but optional. Just keep in mind that we need a square crop that includes the entire record and your mug so don’t make the image too tight giving room to get all of you and your glorious vinyl record included in your vinylmugshot.