Day Of The Dead George A. Romero Horror Vinyl Review

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The soundtrack to the third film in George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” series; 1985’s Day of The Dead.  The original film, that would be twice remade, but never outdone.  The soundtrack would be released on cassette & LP in the same year; by Saturn Records.  Composed & performed by John Harrison, with the vocals coming from Sputzy Sparacino who was lead singer of the Pittsburgh R&B/Dance/Cover band. 

Day Of The Dead Horror Movie

The album contains six ominous songs; that take you so far back in the 80’s, you can practically taste the hair spray!  I’ve been lucky enough to find someone that had a few of the original LP’s STILL SEALED!  They were acquired from someone who had worked on the film, and they look absolutely brand new.  That would mean these babies had been sealed three years before I was born, I felt half guilty opening it.  It was a privilege to be the first person to spin a copy; of a soundtrack from one of the best horror films of all time.  Luckily for any other Romero/Horror fans that may be reading, I now have an extra few copies that you too can own.  All of which are of course still sealed, and look absolutely mint, as if they were in a time capsule the past 30+ years.  So click on over to my store and grab a copy, or don’t, either way thanks for reading! 

Day Of the Dead Vinyl LP