Ministry Al Jourgensen The First 15 Years

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A short article about the first 15 years of Ministry.          
I was introduced to the music of ministry in 1996, by way of a cassette copy of their album “Filth pig” which came out earlier that year.  From the first seconds of “reload” to the last notes of “brick windows” I was mesmerized.  The only thing I had heard that was remotely similar at that point was Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, but this was a completely different animal.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, this was the most “un-industrial” release in the bands catalog before OR since. It wasn’t long before I was gratefully digging through the rest of this band’s releases, finding very little disappointment in the process. In the rest of this article I’m going to touch a little bit on each of those releases, as well as throw in a few fascinating and sometimes ugly facts about the band and their de facto leader Al Jourgensen. 

Black Metal Burzum and the Mayhem

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Varg is a guitarist from a Norwegian black metal band who has earned fame more from the murder allegations rather than his own music. Before we dive into the depths of those allegations, let’s shed some light on the band itself.

Burzum was a music initiative that began back in 1991, by Norwegian writer and musician, Varg Vikernes. It was more of a one man black metal band. It instantly became a part of the early times Norwegian black metal scene and therefore, gained momentum and influence from thereon.

Fungus Hill – Creatures Feedbands October 2017 Release

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These are the lyrics from  one song; Are You Dead

Watch me as I die, I’m already Broken. I keep asking why my emotions are fading slowly. Evil in mind, I can feel it has changed me. Whisper words of lies, thoughts are speaking evil to me. If we’re getting back together, then I need you, I need you to get better.If your dead inside, there is no life for you and I. Are you getting past your sorrow? Are you dead? Are we one? Nothings easy. Where do we belong? Are you dead? Or are we one? Are you dead? Are you dead?

Rock Star Suicide Chris Cornell Death Leaves Void

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As much as we envy rock stars, try to mold our personalities into theirs and wish to live the life they life, there are elements to their lives and personalities that make living sober, if not just living itself, all together a challenge. According to the disturbing findings of a new study, musicians tend to live up to 25 years less on average than the rest of us because they have much higher rates of death by accident, suicide and homicide. These findings came across after the life histories of more than 12,000 musicians across all popular genres, who died between 1950 and 2014, were examined.