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I was looking through a few records I had picked up the other day. There were a few nice ones I was very happy to get, some good ones that turned out to be scratched to hell and some run of the mill stuff. I picked up another vinyl LP from the stack. It was The Talking Heads. I full the vinyl out to see it was in decent shape and still had the original inner sleeve intact.

Rock Star Suicide Chris Cornell Death Leaves Void

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As much as we envy rock stars, try to mold our personalities into theirs and wish to live the life they life, there are elements to their lives and personalities that make living sober, if not just living itself, all together a challenge. According to the disturbing findings of a new study, musicians tend to live up to 25 years less on average than the rest of us because they have much higher rates of death by accident, suicide and homicide. These findings came across after the life histories of more than 12,000 musicians across all popular genres, who died between 1950 and 2014, were examined.

Thrift Store Vinyl Records Maybe a Jackpot?

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If your in a class of ultra budget vinyl record collectors maybe thrift store vinyl is the only way for you. I happen to drive by a certain thrift store every Wednesday night so I try to budget an extra 15 minutes in my schedule to stop and check the vinyl stacks.

10 Top Selling Rock LP Albums of All Time

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The King of Pop reigns atop the all-time list of best-selling albums. Michael Jackson Thriller is the undisputed king of pop with 46.3 million total certified copies sold. So if you see a lot of vinyl record album versions at yard sales that’s why. The Thriller LP debuted in 1982 and no rock LP or pop music album has sold … Read More

10 Highest Auction Vinyl Record Prices Paid

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The rarest – and most sought after – of all Bob Dylan albums. That’s right – this is the 1A matrix pressing which plays the four tracks that were withdrawn. It is NOT the Canadian pressing or timing strip issue which list the deleted tracks but play the standard cuts. The labels and cover here show the replacement tracks – … Read More

17 of the Best Vinyl Record Subscription Sites

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If your life is as busy as mine there may be a few reasons why a record subscription site makes sense for you. Your just getting into vinyl collecting and not sure where the best place to start looking is or your have trouble keeping your vinyl budget under control.  Having fresh new records showing up at your house every … Read More

Rare Horror Vinyl – Soundtrack LP Records

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Wow who doesn’t love horror movies so having horror vinyl in your record collection is a must. I remember watching Chiller Theater with Bill Cardille (Chilly Billy as he was known by his fans) as a kid. It was a special treat to be able to stay up late on Saturday night and watch a show with the adults. It was a late night horror – science fiction program out on WIIC channel 11 in Pittsburgh. While it was very frightening at times I stayed and watched nonetheless.