A Salute to AC DC Rhythm Guitarist Malcolm Young

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A Salute to AC DC Rhythm Guitarist Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young

Unless you took a trip to the moon this past weekend, you probably know that we lost another rock and roll hero on Saturday, (as well as a personal guitar playing hero of mine) none other than Malcolm Young. In any band or musical project I’ve been involved in over the years, his mere name has been a code-word between the guitar players that, in two words says a whole lot more. In other words, “keep it simple, trim the fat and bullshit off of that riff and get on with it!”  Though his brother Angus was most certainly the most visible member of the band (practically their mascot) it was Malcolm in the back, holding it down with Cliff and Phil, that was making you want to rock your ass off from note one, to note last.  It seems that AC/DC can’t avoid terrible tragedy as of late, just a few weeks ago Angus and Malcolm lost their older brother George (responsible for the bands earlier productions, as well as putting guitars in their hands in the first place).  Also, in fairly recent past, was the arrest of their drummer for methamphetamine possession and an apparent attempt to have his wife killed, not to mention the devastating blow of losing longtime vocalist Brian Johnson due to hearing loss. These guys just can’t seem to catch a fucking break!  Either way, I think I can speak for all of us here at vinylmugshot.com, when I say “Malcolm, you rocked your ass off as well as ours, and WE SALUTE YOU!”

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