17 of the Best Vinyl Record Subscription Sites

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If your life is as busy as mine there may be a few reasons why a record subscription site makes sense for you. Your just getting into vinyl collecting and not sure where the best place to start looking is or your have trouble keeping your vinyl budget under control.  Having fresh new records showing up at your house every month is also a pretty cool thing.

I have listed 17 sites below for you to check out. Some offer only LP’s, 7″ or 12″ singles while others serve up a mix of LP’s and 7″.  Most offer limited edition pressings of unknown or up and coming talent, classic reissues on colored wax and some with numbered or splash colored vinyl.

vinyl record subscriptionFlying Vinyl –  Record Subscription Site

url:  https://www.flyingvinyl.co.uk/

The vinyl record subscription site Flying Vinyl promises ” a box of exclusive vinyl from the best new alternative artists, every single month”. This service offers two tracks from five new bands trying to break out into a sea of new offerings.  At £20 a month or £216 a year this UK outfit sends out five resh 7″ every month featuring two tracks from each of the five artists. This is ideal for indie-alternative 7″ collector.



vinyl record subscription

 Grave Face Record club –  Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  http://www.graveface.com/

For $190.00 Grave Face Record club will send you the next 10 consecutive LP releases. You get exclusive hand-numbered colored vinyl which includes shipping and extras. This exclusive club is limited to 333 members and they also give out 5 test pressing from each LP to ramdom members. The flavor is Indie , Garage, Rock geared a little more tword the dark side. I like this one it’s very cool and truley exclusive.


vinyl record subscription

Mississippi Records’ Community Supported Records

url:  https://sites.google.com/site/mississippicsr/

Mississippi Records – CSR has an eclectic mix of Amaricana, Punk and International offerings. It is a pay as you go service limited to 300 members accepting only cash and cheques which sounds a little shifty but its ligit. Send them any amount between $68.00 and $300.00 and they will send you releases which range in cost from $10.00-$12.00 until your balance is exhausted. They note that there are no garenteed release dates or arrival times the records are shipped whenever they are recieved from the pressing plant. I appreciate Mississippi Recorss frankness, it’s quite refreshing.

 vinyl record subscription

Now-Again Deluxe – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  http://www.nowagainrecords.com/deluxe/

Partnering with Drip.fm members only platform for music labels Now-Again Deluxe offers every Drip.fm release as a digital down load every month for $15.00. A deluxe Vinyl monthly suscription is $55.00. It offers a mostly Funk-Psych fare and rolls out previously unreleased material for members only.

 vinyl record subscription

Numero Group’s Project 12 – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  http://www.numerogroup.com/project12

Numero Group’s Project offers three series; Wayfaring Strangers, Eccentric Soul and Private Mind Garden.  This is how it works an LP is released from each series each quater. Entry price is $100.00 per series so choose as many as you would like. These one of a kind creations are each limited to 1000 pressings on vinyl. These will not be repressed or offed in retail, truley exclusive.

 vinyl record subscription

Poly 4 Track Singles Series – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/singlesseries/

The vinyl record subscription site Poly 4 Track Singles Series offers a 7″ vinyl record every month which includes a digital down load, custom design box for each series, all exclusive songs never released recordings, colored vinyl, digital downloads of all tracks with only 750 records pressed. These 7″ vinyls will not be sold in stores. Jackets are designed by Jay Ryan and include a 18×24 full color poster by Jay.


 vinyl record subscription

Prescribed Vinyl  – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  https://www.prescribedvinyl.com/

The vinyl record subscription site Prescribed Vinyl offers new artists along with a huge index of well known performers in several genres such as Funk, Soul, Jazz, Indie, Alt Rock, HIp Hop, Electronica, Dance Etc. You are able to sign up for one month at $27.00 per month or have the option to choose 3 months, 6 months or the whole year. They also have a library of vinyl for sale with out subscription, artists like White Stripes, A Tribe Called Quest, Dave Brubeck, The Balck Keys, Pixies, Silverchair and many more.


vinyl record subscription

Singles Club – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  http://www.singlesclub.fm/issues/

For $55.00 per year Singles Club offers four 7”, one every three months with a special clear vinyl variant. You also get Their Singles Club box that holds up to 4 issues, a Stay Single 45 adapter to play each issue, a signature enamel pin and a special printed artifact from each artist. Singles Club genres range from Indie to Psych and Electronica. There is also the “Grab a Single” option for $8.00 if you want to grab one without a subscription.


vinyl record subscription

The Third Man Records Vault – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  http://thirdmanstore.com/vault

Third Man Records is a vinyl record subscription site and label owned by Jack White of the White Stripes. His record subscription site TMR’s Vault comes with a $60.00 Platinum membership per quarter and gets you a 12” and 7” record that are both colored vinyl plus a bonus novelty merchandise item. A $20.00 Gold membership package gets you insider bits, pre-sale on tickets and exclusive videos and merch. Genres issued by Third Man Record Vault cover Blues, Rock, Folk and Country.

 vinyl record subscription

Trax & Wax – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  https://www.traxnwax.com/

The vinyl record subscription site Trax & Wax is UK based subscription site that dishes Electronic, Dance, House and disco 12″.  The cost for this service is £21.90 a month or £180 a year. Youy choose from a number of vibes; Trax & Wax, Disco, Old School, Nu School, Techno and Dnb & Jungle. The box you choose can change from month to moth if you so desire. Trax & wax uses Labels and distributors like Rush Hour and Clone with reissues and new releases every month.

 vinyl record subscription

Turntable Kitchen – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  http://www.turntablekitchen.com/

The vinyl record subscription site Turntable Kitchen offers 7” vinyl every month for $25 paired with gourmet recipes or coffee every month if that suites you better. They offer exclusive artist releases, seasonal recipes, tasting notes, 1-2 premium ingredients and a digital mixtape. Also offered is vinyl with samples of coffee each month and different ways to concoct it. Genres cover Indie, Electro, Rock and Pop.

vinyl record subscription

vnyl – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  http://vnyl.org/

Vnyl has you fill out a questionaire about music tastes and preferences. The data is used to help pick the perfect vinyl for you. The cost is $39.99 for three vinyls every month. Your subscription account can also be link to your Spotify account using your play list there to pick your LP’s for the month. Genres cover Indie, Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop and Jazz.

 vinyl record subscription

FEEDBANDS – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  https://feedbands.com/

The vinyl record subscription site Feedbands is a little different in that the members choose which LP gets pressed and sent out each month. These are first press limited numbered pressings on colored vinyl. Feedbands says that 100% of the music amd merch sales goes directly to the artist. Genres are Indie, Rock and R&B. The cost is $25.00 per month.

vinyl record subscription

Vinyl Me, Please – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  http://www.vinylmeplease.com/

The vinyl record subscription site Vinyl Me Please is a very popular record subscription club. I see ads for it a lot these days. For around $20.00 each month an LP is sent out with a piece of art and a cocktail recipe. Genres are Indie, Rock and R&B. There are new artists and classic vinyl also. They Have reissues of stuff from Weezer, Black Sabbath, Lee “Scratch” Perry and many more.


 vinyl record subscription

Vinyl Moon – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  http://vinylmoon.co/

Do you remember making a mix tape to play in your car or to give to your girl? Well Vinyl Moon is doing a mix tape LP press every month. They call it the Mixed Tape Vinyl Club or Vinyl Moon. The cost is $30.00 a month and comes with original jackets designed by the artist, colored vinyl and gatefold art sheet. Genres include Indie, Pop and Electronica.

 vinyl record subscription

VINYLMNKY – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  https://www.vinylmnky.com/

The vinyl record subscription site VinylMnky says it’s “The only pure new music discovery vinyl subscription club that connects the artists with the listeners.” It puts out a debut breakthrough artist LP every month for $29.99 per month. Your subscription includes a custom artist add on, an original album write up lithograph and tribe member discounts on all albums.

 vinyl record subscription

Wax & Stamp – Vinyl Record Subscription Site

url:  https://www.waxandstamp.com/

The vinyl record subscription site Wax & Stamp is a UK site that sends you an LP curated by a guest and an EP or single. The cost is £26 per month and covers Electronica, Indie, Jazz, Hip Hop, Serbian Spoken Word or Electro Fusion.